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Standart Big Bag
Big Cube Bag
Potate big bag
Conductive big bag
Hazardous Big Bag
Asbest big bag
One Big Bag Removal
Double Big Bag Removal
Cow Pillow


Factory Images
Samples of cow's Crib
Product Images


Complete control of every stage of business process aimed at establishing the quality system will be provided with the highest level of customer requirements, quality, productivity and flexibility to be achieved the highest level will be reduced, and malignant.


This is based on the goals outlined in our quality policy; Providing the highest level of customer requests, Continuous improvement of product quality and cost-reduction efforts with the participation of all our personnel to carry out Quality improvement efforts in a systematic and planned manner with the participation of everyone's continued priority given to meeting the requirements of internal and external customers,Continuing education programs in all our work arrangement, As we do each job done right the first time, and continuous quality improvement activities and to ensure continuity.


To sum up, our quality policy; A production that meets the highest level of customer requests, with a total quality approach to realize.