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ES-TA TEXTILE the beginning of 2005 in Gaziantep started production of big bags. From the day it starts all the European countries continue to export. Our company has developed the beginning of 2007 European veterinerlerce cow bed and started to produce 2007 to 2008 in the years between the cow mattress manufactured and exported 185,000 units. Agriculture and animal husbandry in the cow country, a bed for our country, our company is aware of how important a project since the end of 2008 cow dairy cattle farms in Turkey to reach the bed increasing the production and aims to introduce this valuable product. All parts of the product and the entire assembly is made by our company.


The modern dairy cow has a vibrant life. 20 times a day to eat, drink, defecate or sağılmak up, get up to. Then again sits down to rest and to ruminate because this is a form of its natural behavior. All lie on the floor, body weight 2 / 3 gives the reputation of the front feet and a height of 30 cm with 25 leaves the floor itself. Your own choice of time or left cows nearly 60% of inpatient spend that.

However, the tilt movement of his knees because of the blows they hurt in their lives, become so sick that they remain standing. Cycle of a cow's natural behavior will change too much to survive. Food and water intake azabilir. Abuse and nutrition goes. On the other hand, we would like to encourage the cows disappear up again, will co lying in the process of discharging feces. In this way, more sections will remain dry and clean. Would be less risk of slipping due to stress or injury, provided more comfort. Ideally, cow health, comfort, and to promote comfort, cows' lives and wants to sleep in a comfortable way kalkmalarıdır up. In this way, thus increasing blood flow, less stress, better digestion and improved milk yield is achieved. At the same time is an important protective role for foot lesions.



Suitable for animal health.

Bottom, keeps the animals clean.

Breast eliminates the bug.

Klebsiella mastitis prevent disease.

Milk yield increase rate of 15% to 10%.

Thrown out of the way beneath the animals according to the economic.

Provides a clean environment.

Insulation feature protects the animals from the cold.

Feed consumption is reduced.

Spread the burden of hospitalization due to elastic surface of the animal provides relief from the position.

Grdecubitus wounds prevents the formation of the front legs.

Knee prevent breakage.

Rheumatism eliminated.

Easy to clean.

Synthetic structure of the shelter due to dirt on the surface of Belly prevents wound.

Contagious illness.



Dimensions: Height 175 cm x 115 cm inner

Internal bearing part of the outer cover is made of natural senthetic.

Bearings, channels must pass through each other.

Assembly remains stable thanks to Scott certainly does not slip.

Animal health without side effects, chemicals, ultraviolet rays are produced by increasing the durability and weather conditions.

Installation is easy thanks to its flexible structure.

Were tested for 16 years. All have been approved by European vets.